Media Skills for Personal and Professional Creativity

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    This Class is for You if…

    • You wish to start a podcast
    • You’re going to narrate over video
    • You’re taking first steps to becoming a voice-over artist
    • You wish to voice a fiction or nonfiction audiobook
    • You teach and wish to add/improve an audio component to your online classes

    Audio Recording for All is a beginner course, and will cover all required steps to help you produce quality audio for your targeted goals. If you have some experience with audio, this course may help you polish your skills and give tips for refinement. We intend all lessons to be repeated multiple times, and with varying scripts. Practice is key to quality.

    Developing your recording voice, fine tuning recording techniques, and learning to listen with a critical ear, are the goals of this course. Your skills will continue to grow with practice. Even if you do not intend a profession in audio, the critical listening skills you develop will last you a lifetime.